Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Raven - No Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Eerie Noise Records, 2018)

Here is another release from Raven and he delivers what we expect from him - dark, aggressive, pessimistic (or better said-realistic) message and sound. He never disappoints when sound is concerned-always loudest possible, always active. One thing you can always be sure when you get Raven's tape-you won't get bored halfway like with many noise records, and you will always get just brutal noise-no shit, no compromise. But why i decided to review this one from a pile of 50 Raven tapes-it is because this one sounds especially depressive and weird. Raven is always dark - but imagine now darker side of that darkness and you will get this record. It is a perfect harsh noise in my opinion - if there is a right way to do it - this is it!

So now go and get it
or write directly to Raven

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