Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Maläd / Dekonstruktor split (Freak Friendly DIY, 2016)

We have split here between Maläd from Ukraine and Dekonstruktor from Russia - full east Europe noisecore attack! Side A - starts with some slow rhythm and very distorted guitar - very depressing and fucked up sound. I saw Maläd few times live and they always had some crazy aggressive stuff - this showed me that they can do slow stuff with same skill. But toward end we get glimpse of Maläd style chaos - beat start to be faster and slower and chaotic, and guitar goes from feedback to buzz and back - total massacre!  If i can order a song for i next live - i would like this one please!
And on side B we have - baby chicken? That is what is pictured on Dekonstruktor side of tape. Some mean chicken are those - following the style of side A - slow beat and depressed overdistorted guitar. I have never been a guitar fan myself - but this kind of guitar i could listen any time of day (maybe night also - but neighbors wouldn't share my enthusiasm i think...).  Dekonstruktor also push the pedal to the metal toward the end of song - and we have some more screeching guitar before we drift into some riffs that sound like its from some "normal" guitar music (that part i didn't like much - it remind me too much that i don't like guitar - but its good as a contrast i think).
All in all very satisfying split. You can buy that for 5 eur or whole Freak Friendly DIY discography for only 8.70 eur here
So don't be cheap - add those 3.70 eur and get them all!

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