Friday, May 12, 2017

Gods Wil - De Ene Nachtmerrie Na De Andere (self-released ?, 2016)

Guy begind this project i knew and also met in person much before i heard his sounds-he is a host of very good noise radio show on Radio Patapoe. Every Tuesday i try to be home so i can tune in and find out about some new noise-you should stay home too - fuck social life! Also show before this one is by Peter Zincken from Stront label-so Tuesday evening can be very pleasant for a noishead or person with no friends... Oh wait - it is the same person!

So first track here is labeled intro and it is more in HNW style that slowly turns itself, through little bleeps and crashes, into something that i am much more into-harsh noise.. Probably first Nachtmerrie started (all tracks are labeled Nachtmerrie except Intro and Uittro). Probably nachtmerrie means nightmare - if not please dutch guys correct me... And its really deep sounding noise with piercing sounds. Not only nightmare feeling but ears have their nightmare too now. Since we move into very aggressive sound now-probably we are into next nightmare already (you see i use this nightmare word like i am 100% sure its a correct translation...) Since i am a great fan of Gods Wil sound i would just wrute superlatives - which would bore you to death so i will stop writing and listen to these in peace. Some nice contact mic banging is happening while i write this. Fucking perfect! 
his website: GODS WIL

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