Saturday, May 27, 2017

Inbreeder - Errorland (Porcelain Editions, 2013)

One of my favorite projects out there in a noise part of the world, one of those i was really proud to collaborate with is Inbreeder. It's a project of a Joel Walter, a guy who not only make fine noise but great collage art as well (hopefully one day i will fulfill my dream of making a collage zine with his art). Inbreeder is a strange project - very minimal in sound - no powerful loud sound, just a lot of buzzes, hisses and synth type sounds but delivered in such a fine way that it is both noisy and musical. First side here is exactly that - lots of hiss and buzz and various sounds going all around you - while all that is followed with repeating bass synth tone in a very slow rhythm. Very dark track - in a way it reminds me of some dark church ritual, probably because of synth that repeats in a way as church bell when announcing a mass. Side B also continue this dark mass with same "bell" just now slightly more distorted and more sucked into background. Just now its not a call anymore - ritual has started - under all noises we have repetitive snare drum beating. All of that creates great suspense and leave you tense and sort of paranoid about what will happen next.
Only downside to this album is that its fairly short - total is 10 minutes, and i could listen this for hours probably (and this comes from a guy whose attention is crazy short - and get bored with anything longer than few minutes - so now you can imagine how good this one is...).
Its a pretty old release from 2013 on now defunct Porcelain Editions label , but thanks to this digital world we live in you can get your digital copy on bandcamp.
Go there and buy one INBREEDER - Errorland

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