Thursday, August 17, 2017

Délinquance Juvénile ‎– Avant-propos (Craneal Fracture Records,2016)

As soon as i got package with a lot of tapes inside i saw Délinquance Juvénile tape and just immediately dropped it in tape player. Guy behind this project is familiar to me through his great collage zines. You should really check out his tumblr page
Quality of noise on this tape i never doubted - from first second we just get big pile of noise with no compromises, no fancy effects. Just as i like it - feeling like you are in some factory room with all machines plugged in in same time - just kicking the air out of you. There are some pattern audible in distance of this noise - like some synth line that repeats itself - but buried under so many layers that i don't even know if it even exists or i just imagine it... Side B is more rhythmic (not like real rhythm but some background metal beat) at least in beginning but very soon rhythm is lost in hiss and waves of noise hitting over and over and over until whole sound is flooded with insane amount of sounds.
In my opinion stuff like this should be called harsh noise wall because you have really a feeling of wall of noise coming at you. But who cares about genres and subgenres anyway - this is a must have tape for everyone who wants their noise harsh and loud!
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