Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Idee Collective ‎– Grand Gastrite (Craneal Fracture Records,2016)

This is the first time i heard of Idee Collective but in pile of tapes cover art caught my eye. It is a old school collage art - very tiny (its not covering whole cover) so its not fully visible but seemed like it will be more experimental dadaist stuff instead of pure harsh noise that i always pop in player first. Anyway i was baking cake so experimental stuff maybe will help my cake to be softer and more tasty... And yes i was right - first track is pretty minimal - it sounds like recording of a hiss - with sound of a stopping and starting the record button every few seconds, during the track various sounds appear so it becomes nice layered noise in the end. Second track is a lot of high pitched noise, not too loud - very controlled and balanced which mixes into some looped sequences (maybe its track three - i am not sure how big pauses they make between tracks) after few minutes loops of some improvised music start and fading away in echoes - very nice atmosphere here. I felt like i was approaching some post-apocalyptic concert in abandoned building with sounds coming through big abandoned hallways. Post-apocalyptic feeling was even more activated by space sounds that started to mix with music in the background. Hisses, beeps and bleeps coming and going, sounds of wind going through holes in the walls. And then suddenly we are alone with that peaceful repeating music. And then cake started to smell like burning so i will continue to listen to this in kitchen and leave the rest of album as a surprise for a listeners that decide to buy it. All in all - even if its not harsh - it brings some very good movie-like atmosphere. Certainly it is a good idea to take this tape if you need to spice up your noise collection with something different...
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