Friday, February 9, 2018

Averauschen - Symbiote (Machine Tribe Recordings, 2016)

So here we have first of three Machine Tribe Recordings tapes i got in last package. Its tape from Averauschen (sleeve says that it is one off between Bonechurch and Princess Coldheart. Bandcamp and Discogs informed me that this is released originally in 2010 and that this is 2016 version(now you see how much of an effort i put in every review here).  Oh but this is a tape review and not a review of a reviewers hard work, so let's get back to work.
Tracks are titled only by their length so we start with 3:54. It is a dark ambientish track with spoken word over sounds. Speech is slowed down so i will have to use this nice speed control button on my walkman next time to see what is all about. From there on it goes in tracks that are all very dark industrial ambient sounding. Most of sounds appear slowed down and stretched with cracklings and sometimes some bell-type sounds can be heard in the distance. Very good tape for walking through empty streets but only if you are in no rush and can fully dive into these sounds. My favorite is 3rd track of side A. Side B i will let as secret that you will discover when you grab this tape (there are only six of them and since its a collab and i also own one-only three of them are up to grab!)
But luckily technology is our ally this time so go to: bonechurch bandcamp page for this album

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