Sunday, March 25, 2018

Melinoe - Hand And Hand Into Extinction (Machine Tribe Recordings, 2016)

Melinoe… I am not familiar with this project so let's see what it has to offer! Album name has a depressing vibe to it so i guessed sound will follow that direction. And yes-it starts with some droney, echoing distorted humming noise. Sounds like static at a first glance, but in fact its everchanging. I love the atmosphere and i could listen to it for a long time, unfortunately its pretty short track for what it offers. Next track is called “empty and frantic” and its more on a buzzing side of sound with again tons of distortion over. It started again very slow and unchanging but after some time you realize you are in totally different place of sound spectrum with static blasts over some distorted synth drone. Again it could be longer, it was just starting to suck me fully in when it ended. Again side B will stay a secret until you get a tape or download it from bandcamp.
It's very good atmospheric album, with very simple and direct delivery, no artsy shit here, just good sound!
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