Saturday, April 14, 2018

886VG / Animal Machine (No Brain Prod., 2012)

Here we have two projects that i am very familiar with. We shared some gigs, appeared on few splits together. and i always love their output. I will surely be highly subjective so i will just try to give some general feeling that this split is offering. Side A - we have Animal Machine - like i expected, starting with some uncompromising noise loud from start. Only difference is that we have some porn samples in the background. I know some will say "oh i have seen it before, nothing original blah blah " but I don't care-i love it! Its loud, its fun, its straight to the point. If you look for pretentious art noise with long descriptions of albums and done on pro tapes then you are in a wrong place. This is total opposite:tape is recycled, just simple info inside the cover and sound is brutal-what else to ask.. Only thing better than Animal Machine tape is AM live so if you ever have a chance-go check it and thank me later.
So let's check out Chilean friend 886VG on a side B. Starting with some drone synth but i am pretty sure it won't drone for a long time. And yes! Screaming noise starting some half minute later. And stopping into silence just to start again a second later, now more deep sounding but very dynamic and brutal. We had very loud and harsh first side but this side is showing some real aggression! It is active non stop-few cuts here and there but you barely can catch a breath and new noise barrage is starting. By the way 886VG is coming to Europe this June, starting from Italy, through Slovenia (he will play ZNFI festival), and heading to Serbia and who knows where after. Be sure to check if he is coming nearby. And since i think he and Animal Machine are friends i wouldn't be surprised if they share some gigs together. So if you need some noise holiday this summer check 886VG tour schedule and head out there!
(I know this album is from 2012 and since it is made in 26 copies it is surely long gone, but quality of noise on it simply deserve review, even 6 years after)

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