Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Anonymous Masturbaudioum - Exquisit Nylon (Craneal Fracture Records, 2016)

New day, new review. I just picked up a tape from a pile of tapes ready for review and drop it in my backpack without checking what I took. And here I am, nylon fetish cover in front of me, so I guess HNW is waiting inside. To be honest I am really rarely in mood for HNW nowadays. I think that this subgenre became too sterile and hermetic, they made up more rules than people do in music. This release does it all by the book, cover is in line with what HNW listener wants to see, and sound is pure HNW... It started with brighter sounding crackles for a few minutes, just to drop into low, deep, muddy sounding static noise. Sound is in fact pretty good because it is very minimal and not pushing the loudness in red. This is a good soundtrack for a rainy day or a cold cellar room where I work and listen to this. Freezed to the bone with wet air coming into lungs and hnw in ears - sounds like a great combo! So since we will stay in these wet, deep sounds until the end of side A, I'll stop writing and continue drowning myself into both sound and surroundings. Just to conclude, even if I was sceptical before i started review, it turned out to be pretty pleasant experience even for me as a non-fan of static noise...
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