Thursday, May 24, 2018

Grinder Bueno - Demo #2 (Underground Pollution Records, 2017)

Just got this tape in mail and immediately I put it in walkman - anything noisy from France always promise some nice ears destruction especially if it is released by Underground Pollution Records, so no time to lose - let's get straight to business! Tracks are untitled 69-91, so we have 22 of them in front of us, around 10 minutes of pure filth!  Grinder Bueno doesn't disappoint anywhere during those 22 - right from the start blasts and walls of noise started to pour all over me! Its a noisecore at its finest -yes there are instruments and band but it is all so well integrated in one uniform noise shit - just here and there you hear voice or drums or guitar winning its fight over the others but it never goes into music fields - its just pure raw and filthy noise from beginning to the end! But what I like most is the fact that listening to this tape gives you a feeling of attending their gig - it is something that shows they are firmly standing behind their sound - they don't need stage or crowd in front of them to bring their best shit out! (Also every UPR tape is recycled one so you will be able to listen some of the finest french pop or random shit after the noise ends - so you get more than you bought)
I believe you wont find this in digital form, so just head to Underground Pollution Records  and get your tape!

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