Sunday, May 27, 2018

LORDxGONZO - fuck you generation Y, fuck you (BRUITxMERDE,?)

I dont know much about this tape since there are just titles on small piece of paper, no label, no year, but i know enough-it is a LORDxGONZO! And that should be enough for any harsh noise fan..  I love this minimal approach since it puts more focus on sound, and noise from Lord Gonzo always deserve our full attention. Here he like always goes straight to the point - high pitched squeel opens the tape just to be followed by very dynamic harsh noise. It is very fast and loud start, here and there interrupted with short pauses after which noise blasts back stronger! Best thing in this one is that Lord Gonzo doesn't repeat himself, he use some effect or sound, blast the shit out of it and move forward to next one. In the stretch of few minutes he takes you through various styles of harsh noise, and in some brief moments he even introduces to us his slower side. Please dont expect some fancy artsy drone here, it is still everything very harsh just on slower pace. But thats just for a moment, he is pushing pedal to the metal again, everything is speeding up, wave after wave of noise is hitting us just to stop all of a sudden. End already? I will give it another spin right away, and you should do it too. Check online-if you are lucky, someone is maybe selling his copy(by the way, while i am writing this, there is one on discogs. . .).

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