Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Luxury Mollusc - Osseous Labyrinth Vestibule (Cursed Monk Records,2018)

After one very old and mysterious tape from LORDxGONZO we are back in present, here is the CD i received just a few days ago, and discogs says it is from 2018 so it is hot off the press. I already saw Luxury Mollusc few years ago at ZNFI festival so i know i can expect some fine harsh noise. Six track ahead of us, a little bit under 40 minutes total, While i am writing this we are few minutes into first track, very nice atmospheric and a bit rhythmic harsh noise filling the air around me. Some beats, like banging metal pipes are coming from all around me, making me feel like i am in some sort of submarine where every bolt and part scream under pressure. Also some high pitched screams and squeals are coming closer and closer while all rhythm already disappeared leaving us with just harsh noise covering the screams more and more until everything die out with just one silent scream is heard fading away. Second track leads us deeper into this horror underwater story. Sorry if i am missing the point here, i don't know if it was the idea, but i still cannot shake off the thoughts of some catastrophe under water. So here we have some deeper harsh sounds and a feeling like everything is crushing down, no more metal, no more intense screams, just here and there you think you heard the voice but quickly it is drowned in noise. Suddenly everything slows down, almost all noise disappear, and just some machine hum is left with loud blasts here and there. Everything stops. We are left in silence with some distant drone far far away. Third track welcome us with some noise that comes out of the silence, run past us and is lost again somewhere in the distance. Like dozen of trains just coming and going. We are in silence again for a moment, and some ritual begins, tons of bells all around us and a whispering voice speaking in tongues, choking, screaming... It made me lost a track of time, just to realize new track already is starting... but like always second half of album i will leave a secret, so head to a bandcamp at least to check rest of it...
I must say this is one serious piece of harsh noise, it is obvious that a lot of work is put into this, and as much as i am a fan of shit sound, it is really great to hear something with a high quality also. I would dare to say this album can be played side by side with any of big harsh noise names and you wouldn't be able to say it is inferior in any aspect, in many it even surpasses them. Also i have to mention lovely digipack cover, simply every part of this is a masterpiece. Surely one album that you shouldn't miss, it is made in 50 copies so act fast! And now i have to track as many of old albums that is possible!
You can preview and buy on Cursed Monk Records website

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