Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Agathocles / Raven (Centipede Farm,2016)

Hmmm it seems i review only Centipede Farm releases... Somehow they all ended up on my "to listen shelf"... I wanted to change label for this one, but then i saw Agathocles / Raven split!
Great projects, so fuck it, i'll do another Centipede!
Side A is Agathocles, inside tape is written that it is a recording from 1986 - so lets try this blast from past. Some crackling sounds and spoken word in background - very raw, very lo-fi, from there it fades into drone guitar sounds with very dirty drum sound and deep barking vocals. Occasional screams break a sound that almost pushed me in some kind of trance state of mind. Really love this one - very aggressive, very enjoyable...
Speaking of aggression... Side B brings us Raven, like always straight-to-point approach, loud, uncompromising sound. Crazy mash of hiss, feedback, pitch changes, buzzing of DIY synths, and white noise in the background. Be sure that if you play on speakers you wont hear anything in your house or surroundings. Total auditory deprivation! And try to use at least headphones that go over ear - if you put this on earphones - be ready for tinnitus for the rest of the day. Tinnitus - best recommendation for noise release!  I'm already half deaf so i dont care - lets play this once more!
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