Monday, February 13, 2017

Vulvax / Odal "No-Norit / Back to the Basics" (Stront, 2004)

Found this on a shelf, and since i traded tons of tapes with Peter from Stront label (Odal project also) i don't have a clue is this new or old release (later discogs search revealed its 2004...) But who cares it comes from Stront label, cover art is full of shit and frontal nudity, so what can go wrong. Print is perfect for a noise release also, very low resolution, muddy colors, all coming from cheap color home printer. Oh how i miss the days before my cartridges dried out and became impossible to refill... But let put nostalgia aside, Vulvax already started with slowed down chanting over buzzes and bleeps. After some time i start to have a feeling i am in the middle of some Ortodox christian liturgy gone wrong. Too bad it was so short, but we have second track here, high pitched beep (in first few seconds i thought its my alarm clock - obsession that i have to wake up early for job obviously left a mark on this review too...) But this beeping is not like an alarm clock, its never ending with just slight variations. It seems i was lucky i put this tape on a speakers instead through headphones (neighbors wouldn't call this luck probably). So third track is here, mumbling voice preaching something, it seems our priest is here again... Where can i baptize for this church? Since i was checking discogs while i write and listen to this i found out this:
Yes 25 short tracks on this side, and yes i love the sound, but no i cant write about 25 tracks, i am too lazy for it, so i will just let you be surprised with 22 more... 
45 minutes filled to the max - and quality didn't drop much (there was few parts here and there that were not so impressive like first tracks, but 45 mins is long for noise anyway - i don't think anyone can pull that out...)
Second side brings us Odal, behind that moniker is Peter Zincken also known as Dr. Bibber and former member of FCKN BSTRDS. Very big name in noise scene for last few decades, so not surprising we have impressive track in front of us: arrhythmic drums, harsh noise with chanting tribal-like vocals over it. If first side was Ortodox christian, this side is some Amazon tribe that was exposed to harsh noise that totally fucked up their brains never to return to normal... This track can easily put you in a trance state if you blast it loud on your speakers - you lose sense of time and 30 minutes passed like second - and since it sounds like gig recording, i can only imagine how good it would be to be present in that space that day...
Well you can try to track down some copies maybe directly from Stront - even if its not original tape, i am sure you can get some kind of cdr reissue.

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