Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Boar / Genital Stigmata (Centipede Farm,2016)

Since i have many releases from Centipede Farm i know i can always be sure that some fine sound will come out of speakers when i put anything from that label.
So on this split we have Boar on a side A - starts very calm with dripping, tapping sounds with a big echo - and it makes me feel like i am in some sort of cave. Which was not best place to be - because suddenly cave start to crash on you - everything is falling apart and there is nowhere to escape. Very fine harsh part of track from which we unexpectedly go into spaceship noises, kinda futuristic and cold, and then all that slowly blend together into harsh sound again. All that alien abduction stop all of a sudden and some ritualistic chanting is heard,better say some distorted ohm chant. And that would be all on side A - maybe a bit on a short side, but so many things happening, you have ambient parts, you have harsh parts.. All very well blended together - so its very enjoyable and could recommend even to people who are not so much into noise but more into experimental waters because all seems to be nicely thought out and composed.
On the other side we have Genital Stigmata, project i didn't have chance to hear before. It starts very harsh with chopped out sound coming probably from shortest setting on delay pedal and then we have more and more abuse of delay pedal and some tape player rewinding and forwarding with occasional screams and unrecognizable speech. It has exactly all the stuff i love most both to make and to listen. So i will just sit back and enjoy this barrage of dead cable sound, tape hiss, and delay overkill. Not much else to say but - perfect! Whoever this guy is - i want more of it!
Its 60 copies edition, and its still available on

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