Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bear Bones, Lay Low / Superskin (Feathered Coyote Records,2015)

So from this Austrian label Feathered Coyote Records comes this experimental/noise split. First tape after very long time that is in my player and that isn't pure harsh noise or noisecore... Which is not so bad for this very frozen winter day.
So side A brings us Bear Bones, Lay Low project. Track starts with buzzing sounds and piano(?) echoing and moving from left to right in my speakers - very nice for this silent cold day. Very atmospheric eerie track, could easily be used as a soundtrack for some movie. Second track comes in with violin like sounds and drumming in background. Very folkish and ritualistic. I must say i am not often in possession of this type of folk/experimental tapes and i rarely search for something like this, but sound is not to blame - its just my ignorance and laziness... But when occasionally something come to my hands, i enjoy it as something exotic to my ears. It is obvious that a lot of effort is put into this, and that sound as a whole is very complex and surely has some deeper meaning. But i am just simple harsh noise head and search just for more direct sound. Now we are in third track that is mostly based around very nice piano melody with a lot of tiny bleeps and peeps all around me - very relaxing. Last one is very rhythmic with horn sound following the rhythm, almost danceable. And side is over! Very good job, even if its not the type of sound i usually listen to, i wanted more - so i think that is best mark of quality of this project...
Lest see what side B brings us.... Superskin - austrian project that i havent heard before, but fast google check show me that its the same guy that is behind Baba Vanga project. I heard that one before and i remember its also some sort of experimental sound and that it was pretty good. This starts with very dry beat, almost like tapping on some simple object and repeating it through some loop pedal with slight echo (it can be of course some simple drum machine) over it some synth melodies are played. Pretty romantic sounding, not disturbing at all - would be very good as a background while reading some book and drinking warm tea after cold day outside.... Next track is also very calm and kind of hypnotic, so i just drifted in thoughts and i just heard click of my walkman when tape was over.
So to sum it up - if you search for something more mind engaging, more instrument based noise more atmospheric and ambient and not so loud - this is a perfect release for you! Also i must mention that cover art is very fine collage art, with quality print, so this package as a whole is worth to have in physical form. Also you will get download code with it - so it will save you an effort of transferring tape into mp3.
Since its 2015 release i dont know if still there are some copies - bandcamp page says that there are still some available so go on and take some!

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