Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Melanocetus Murrayi - Entropy of the Universe / Megalodon Harsh Tones (Septic Aroma of Reeking Stench,2016)

This release i got from a friend from RAWNOISEAPES who also is a member in this one. So expectations were high - noisecore+greek guys+Maou from RAWNOISEAPES - that has to lead to some kickass sound. And it does - first track is very nice intro with very easy listening sounds, and that is the only easy thing here. We go straight into blasts and screams. But i must say - this is not just simple everyday noisecore - one can easily hear that there is a lot of experience behind these guys because they always sound like they are in control of situation and sound. Also their experience helps that album don't go into bring repetitive sound. Which can easily happen to noisecore release - you all have fun recording and dont think/dont care about outcome, and to listener it doesn't sound so fun because he was not with you in that surrounding and atmosphere. That is why, in my opinion, noisecore is best live, but this band make enough variety and changes so it succeeds in keeping attention of a listener (even mine, and i have shortest attention span ever...)
I also have to say that tape is very pro made (also in lovely yellow color with nicely printed titles on tape itself ) so thumbs up for this label who decided to put this much effort and money into noise - good to know that people like that still exist...
You can grab your copies (or something from their insanely large distro)

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