Friday, January 20, 2017

Suffering Profusion - Auditory Hallucinations Unkn. (self-released 2016)

I got this release on noiseguide forum from the guy behind this project who was offering some free copies. I couldn't judge much from cover art - simple xerox copy rolled into tape jacket. Very low-res text - so names of songs can barely be read - very good! (for me thats a fine start - i am fed up with all "i am so professional musician and very serious about sound" people - this is just straight to point "i make diy noise and don't give a fuck about presentation" attitude)
And yes! I was totally right - from the start just muddy rumbling sound is ripping my speakers all followed by screams in pain. This guy is not joking around - no pretending, no fancy sounds, no art shit - just noise at its best! Second track is not so deep in mud anymore - much more feedback and high pitched sounds - but still all so well integrated - sounds like one big fucked up organism. I saw somewhere on bandcamp that he did some mixing and editing, and even if i am not fan of editing anything in noise - this is very good. I dont have feeling something is added or changed - it sounds very natural and very much like all is recorded live... And while i type this side A is over - i need more of this! Again! Side B start with some throat scream and just go straight into noise - sound like some shake box through many pedals - everything out of control and painful - pure chaos! it just continued into last song, and... its all over..  Too bad - i need more of this! Hope this guy continue to do this and that he will make new release very soon!
As my copy is 15/54 i am sure he has some copies left so go to his bandcamp and grab some!

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