Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sperrung - Son (Freak Friendly DIY, 2015)

At first glance i didn't know what to expect from this tape - it looked very mysterious - cyrillic letters and something looking like red cross reflection in dark room. Cover says that one guy is behind this project - Ilya Bilyga. I got this tape from the guy that is behind the label Freak Friendly DIY - Valentin (He also is one of two members of Malad - very fine noise core project i had honor to share stage with on few gigs around Serbia) So it was promising some dark sound just from looking at it. East Europe and especially Russia always have weird dark disturbing project - but this one.. It is something i didn't experienced until now. Pushing play and some higher pitch broom is coming from speakers with just painful suffering voice over it, occasionally you hear some dissonant guitar chords behind the voice and after few minutes of pain - all goes into silence... Just to get to next track which is starting pretty similar to first one but with some distant screams and more suffering... So with this descriptions one would think -well i heard many things like that - what this guy is writing - its nothing unique.. But believe me - yes many did it - but i never saw such sincere and emotional execution. you really have feeling like you are exposed to a person in deep suffering state of mind. but track 3 is coming.. Coming from the depths of mind it seems very minimal and slowly moving to total chaos and pain. I was totally sucked in it and side was already ended in one big painful crescendo.
Second side is here - i see from the cover its all in one track - hope it is long one. This sounds like a live recording - something like baby crying mixed with rumbling and guitar screams. Interestingly cover art says its all one person - but this guy execute all so well - he sounds like full noise band. Now we move to parts where this guitar (?) improv sound is dominant and broken from time to time with crying/screaming/mumbling voice somewhere from depths. Also its worth to notice that
inside cover you have lyrics for all the tracks - so for someone fluent in ukrainan it can be interesting to also understand what is all about...  I have to say - i would love so much to see this act live - since a long time i didn't hear so engaging and emotional project like this one. Since in some trade i got another album from Sperrung - i cant wait to pu it on now and hear where he is moving and developing.
Well done Ilya!
Also maybe Valentin have some more leftover copies - try your luck at

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