Monday, February 6, 2017

Contraktor / Kolaps systému (Centipede Farm, 2016)

Another one from Centipede Farm. Kolaps systému i heard years ago on a split with Raven, and theme of album were animal rights. Fast discogs check lead me to  realization that  Kolaps systému had made another animal right album with Contraktor in 2015. That made me very happy - i think it is of a great importance to always put those topics in spotlight. So i came very relaxed into listening to this one, because that attitude is enough for me to be happy. And cover also promised same direction...
So side A brings us Contraktor with track called Self Worthless. It starts with some bubbling noisy sound which goes into more noisy crackling sounds with some vocal sample repeated in loop. Very fine, very dynamic and fun to listen, length of all those parts where sample is looped is just right to keep listeners attention - not too short not too long, also it brings me some industrial vibe to this (which in my case is good thing - remind me on my pre-noise days when industrial was my main focus). From there we go to more chaotic parts, very good executed noise, not too harsh but very intense and old school. I was never fan of big powerful noise sounds, always was more on this lo-fi side - so this fits me very well.
On side B we have aforementioned Kolaps systému - "Breaking the Locks" noise style is pretty much similar to Contraktor but we here have some various samples of animals screaming and suffering. From there we get into some metallic repeating sound, kinda like a rail, which is replaced by some far away machine-like sound. A lot of samples, lot of field recording sound (at least i think its raw field recording in some places) and again lo-fi - just as i like noise to be. Everything is covered in radio like noise, glass shattering, dogs barking. Everything is really well done, there wasn't a second of these both sides where my attention roamed away from sound.
So all in all - perfect release, both sound-wise and theme-wise...
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